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Who is

Moody_0001, a once-captive rabbit, emerged from a secretive lab with more than just a few tricks up his fur. Imbued with human emotions and a genius-level brain, he unraveled the mysteries of the multiverse.

Moody_0001 summoned 10,000 Moodys from parallel dimensions, each with its own enigmatic past and an adventure that maybe only you can explain.


Join us for an extraordinary journey into Moody’s Adventures, where every Moody is a unique and vibrant character, rich with intricate details and sprinkled with delightful pop culture references.

Catch & collect your very own Moody
, and delve into the untold tales of this diverse cast of characters. And when you do, don’t forget to join our Twitter community and share your Moody’s story!   🚀 🐇

Back story

Towards the end of 2022, I found myself brainstorming for a CNY 2023 project, the Year of the Rabbit.

Looking back at the rollercoaster of the past three years, I couldn’t help but think, ‘What kind of wild, impossible adventures will “the rabbit” bring this year? What new emotions and moods await me?

As I embarked on this exciting journey, crafting Moody NFT collection of 10,000 unique NFTs using more than 200 unique assets, I couldn’t help but wonder about the adventures that awaited us in the Year of the Rabbit.

Join me on this thrilling adventure, and let’s make this an unforgettable joyride!

Start playing with us, join the rabbit community, because the Moodys are about to unleash a rollercoaster of rabbit-induced madness you won’t escape!

🐇  🎢  😱  🚀  📖

The Creator

Who am i?

I’m Matteo—an Italian designer with nearly two decades of design experience spanning fashion, graphic, and UI.

My journey has been one of creation, but always for others and never for myself. But now, a new chapter begins. I’ve decided to put a bit of everything I know together and play around, creating a new character within an ever-expanding world. This project is an exhilarating adventure infused with delightful oddity, driven by boundless curiosity, and seasoned with the spice of pop culture references.

As a lifelong dreamer, I’m stepping into the spotlight with this endeavor, letting my perspective shine through. Together, we’ll bring audacious ideas to life, venturing into a world where imagination reigns supreme, and creativity knows no bounds.

What's next?

Well… i guess like everybody else i wish i could leave my daytime job to travel and dedicate myself soley to create for myself, but we are not there yet (sadly!!!)

My dream is continue to expand this project, adding characters, creating a whole digital world in which they can grow and play, making it my full-time job… finger crossed.


What's next?

Ever wished you could break free from the daily grind and dive into a world of boundless creativity?

We’re on the same page! 🚀 Join me on a journey to expand our digital universe, crafting characters and stories that come to life. It’s a dream in the making – stay tuned for the exciting adventure ahead! 🌟

#DreamBig #DigitalUniverse #NFTAdventure

Phase 1:
The Vision Unveiled
The Vision Unveiled

• Months 1-2
• Breathing life into the concept of Moody's NFT collection.
• Setting the stage for a stellar launch.

Phase 2:
Artistry Unleashed
Artistry Unleashed

• Months 3-4
• Creating Moody and a world of captivating characters.
• Crafting the visual style, emotions, and themes that will define our universe.

Phase 3:
Code & Creativity
Code & Creativity

• Months 5-6
• Crafting and refining the NFT smart contract on a blockchain platform.
• Injecting interactive features and unique elements.

Phase 4:
Minting Magic
Minting Magic

• Months 7-8
• Preparing for the grand minting and a limited presale experience.

Phase 5:
Grand Unveiling
Grand Unveiling

• Months 9-10
• Throwing open the doors to the full NFT collection.
• Hosting a mesmerizing launch event to celebrate with our vibrant community.

Phase 6:
Community Connection
Community Connection

• Months 11-12
• Keeping the conversation alive on social media and immersing in community engagement.

Phase 7:
Beyond Launch
Beyond Launch

• Ongoing
• Elevating the NFT ecosystem with added features.
• Introducing utility components like staking and governance.
• Remaining adaptable and in sync with market dynamics.

Phase 8:
Expansions & Enchantment
Expansions & Enchantment

• Beyond 12 Months
• Exploring thrilling collaborations and partnerships.
• Expanding to new platforms and blockchain adventures.
• Ensuring the community stays delighted with fresh releases and exciting surprises.

Phase 9:
Power to the People
Power to the People

• Ongoing
• Unveiling governance tools for community participation.
• Embarking on charitable initiatives resonating with our NFT's core themes.

Let me tell you

Stay cool,
stay Rabbit.


All I want for Christmas is:


It’s raining Rabbits!


Is that a carrot in your pockets or you are happy to see me?


Let me Rabbit your world.


Find yourself someone that looks at you the way I look at sunflower seeds.



wanna play?

Let's start the game, come with me.

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